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NAVEY has GUMMY WORMS!! Family Dance Party! visiting grandma, new jumping game, and family nail spa

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a Best Day Ever just playing in the Basement JOIN OUR FAM!! --- http://goo.gl/rfgp8V Best Gummy Day Ever 1244 Its a spa day in our basement! Adley is ...

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a Best Day Ever just playing in the Basement

JOIN OUR FAM!! --- http://goo.gl/rfgp8V

Best Gummy Day Ever 1244

Its a spa day in our basement! Adley is getting her nails done by mom and they are looking sooo good. Uh ho, no one was keeping an eye on Baby Navey and she go into some gummy worm candy. Now they are all slimy and gross and stuck to the giant bean bag and the jump pad that the kiddos got as a present for Christmas. Who was supposed to be watching her?! I bet it was Niko Bear, who is playing a good game of hide n seek. I finally find him in the ultimate playroom! To keep Navey out of trouble, we decide to have a dance party to her favorite song. Its tons of family fun doing these dance parties and we all love it!

We wrap up the dance party and are now doing some homemade DIY get well cards for my grandma. She had a small accident so we are going to visit her and bring these cards to cheer her up. Adley is drawing great pictures, Niko makes her a water dinosaur, and Jenny and I make her wonderful heartfelt cards. We load everyone into the purple tesla and head out to see her. I'm so happy we got to go say hi but it is sad to see her not feeling well.

A little later, after I get home from doing some work at the Spacestation, Jenny and the kiddos surprise me with a snowball battle in our backyard! At least its not inside our house this time. They legit scared me so much that I dropped my backpack lol. We go in and are about to play some Disney pirates when Adley wants to show me the fort she and Niko Bear made. We head back downstairs to see this huge fort! We then come up with a new game. The whole family is going to see how many nuggets we can jump on. Everybody clears the first few with ease. Once we get into 4 and 5 the niko is climbing them while the girls are working on the challenge. We get up to 6 and 7 nuggets and I'm so happy for all my time skateboarding and snowboarding because I can make the jumps. This is a great way to start our bedtime routine and an amazing end to a great best day ever!

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