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Galaxy of Terror - Bizarrely Brilliant 80's Sci-fi Horror - Explored - A Genius Alien Rip-Off!

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How many alien movies have you watched? No, I don't want you to count of course! But here's an alien movie with a twist. What is your darkest fear? No...

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How many alien movies have you watched? No, I don't want you to count of course! But here's an alien movie with a twist. What is your darkest fear? Not just any abstract fear, but fear of a horrifying monster or insect or maybe even yourself! What if the alien can manifest itself as your darkest fear! That's the secret plot of the 1981 horror sci-fi film "Galaxy of Terror," produced by Roger Corman and directed by B.D. Clark. Last but not least, the production designer and second unit director of the film was none other than James Cameron.
Co-written by B.D. Clark, the movie is a cocktail of Ridley Scott's "Alien" and 1956 horror classic "Forbidden Planet”. The film highlights a group of explorers who land on the planet of Morganthus for a rescue mission. They encounter a giant pyramid-like structure and are soon slaughtered by monsters shaped by their worst fears.
Roger Corman is known to follow the trend and produce low-budget movies in a short time. No wonder he retraced the same road that led to the massive blockbuster "Alien" in 1979. Corman is also famous for hiring talented people who would provide the best production design, fast and cheap. That is when James Cameron stepped in. Cameron, with his innovative skills, created costumes and sets with awe-inspiring designs. It is rumored that Cameron used even burger boxes to construct the spaceship interiors and planet surfaces.
After creating the remarkable set, Cameron was not happy with the lighting and cinematography. He then decided to step behind the camera, and Yo, the founding stone was laid for one of the finest directors the world will remember. It was in the sets of ''Galaxy of Terror' where Cameron met Corman's assistant, Gail Anne Hurd. He helped Cameron produce his future films like "The Terminator, "Aliens," and "The Abyss''. Through this film, Cameron also met Alec Gillis, who later worked with him as a creature effects coordinator on "Aliens" and "Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem."
MPAA initially granted the film an 'X' rating for prolonged gore and the infamous giant worm rape scene. After a few cuts, the MPAA gave an 'R' rating to the film. The rape scene was a later edition in the movie to fulfill Corman's promise to the producers, to include a nude, erotic scene in the film. Actress Taffe O'Connell performing the rape scene and director Clark were indeed not happy with it but finally agreed to Corman's decision.
Let us now visit the bizarre planet of Morganthus and find out about the darkest fears of the explorers.

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