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20 NEW! ZOOM Games To Play With Friends, Kids, and Adults (Virtual Games For ALL AGES)

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20 NEW Zoom Games for all ages, classrooms, families, adult meetings. This video contains a wide variety of activities. Still meeting online? Having f...

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20 NEW Zoom Games for all ages, classrooms, families, adult meetings. This video contains a wide variety of activities. Still meeting online? Having fun together reduces stress, encourages relationships, and cultivates a stronger work ethic. #zoomgame #zoom

***Scroll further down for the websites mentioned in this video.***

Big Clap Game: Close eyes and try to clap at same time
Last one Game: Zoom host starts by touching nose to finger at a random moment during zoom call. As people notice, they also touch nose with finger and leave it there until the last person catches on…that person loses.
Minute to Win It Challenges: You have 1 minute to write down as many things that are the color orange. You have 1 minute to draw a picture of yourself. You have 1 minute to write down all 12 gifts from the Christmas song. You have 1 minute to name as many candy bars as you can.
Funny face Awards: player shows 2 funny faces. All other players vote on which was the best of the 2. Every player gets a turn. Then all players make their best funny face and everyone votes on who has the best funny face.
Pack It: 1 minute to gather as many things from this list. (List of 20 random items)
Snowball toss: every player crumbles up one sheet of paper and needs a mug or cup. How many snowballs can you toss into your mug in 1 minute?
In the middle. First player says 2 words that start with two different letters of the alphabet. Players have 60 seconds to write down words that fall, alphabetically between the two words named.
Pencil typing: zoom host shows a short paragraph. Players have 1 minute to type out the paragraph using only an unsharpebed pencil. The players who types the most correctly spelled words wins.
Color block: zoom host shares a coloring sheet and enables annotations. Divide players into 2 teams. 1 team must color in the color sheet and the other team must erase. Use thinnest annotation settings only. At the end of 60 seconds, the team with the most color or the most white space wins.
Topsy Turvy: set countdown for 1 minute. Players must turn objects within screen view upside down. The most objects upside down wins.

✅ Watch more Zoom Games: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pppIxlaqArM&list=PLr3JyJlapOYRR_bhWduft1d3vtYyR2lQz

✅ Whatcha Lookin At? Screen Based Game plus 10 other Screen Based Games: https://www.shawnmhowell.com/product-page/watcha-lookin-at

✅ 1 Minute Pop It Countdown video: https://www.shawnmhowell.com/product-page/1-minute-countdown-popit-mp4

✅ I Spy (not my resource): https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/I-Spy-Games-for-Distance-Learning-or-the-Classroom-Zoom-Game-5630139?gclid=CjwKCAjwhuCKBhADEiwA1HegOZdDJod7E-olvMaMtw3sWLr5jG4lI85omDR9trBLUgguwczqiQPH9RoC1qkQAvD_BwE

✅ I found this FREE Murder Mystery Party here but what are your suggestions for virtual murder mystery parties? http://trevor-hopkins.org.uk/mystery/

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